Jost Brake Pads Set to Improve Vehicle Control and Aid Operators’ Productivity

JOST UK recently launched a new range of high performance disc brake pads for trucks and other large commercial vehicles. Featuring premium friction material and a profiled design to optimize contact with the discs, the JOST Blue pads will improve road safety and increase productivity for operators.

The importance of effective brakes on large road vehicles cannot be overstated and JOST has long been at the forefront of new developments, steadily increasing stopping power, longevity and ease of maintenance.

For its latest range of brake pads JOST has adopted several innovations. Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that they are colored blue. This is not for cosmetic reasons, but this is to aid their identification and save valuable time in busy workshops and garages.

The JOST Blue pads use a premium friction material that has been specifically engineered for the heavy duty and high usage of commercial vehicles. They are sized and profiled for optimum contact with the brake disc and include a slot that serves to collect and extrude dirt so that maximum braking effect is always maintained. The friction material has a green coloring infused into it which shows on the working surface to aid long-erm condition monitoring – once the green begins to fade it is time to change the pads.

The pad is supported on a strong steel back plate, which is colored the distinctive blue. On the inner surface of the back plate is a soft underlay that ensures secure mounting of the brake pad.

Truck operators throughout Europe and elsewhere are adopting modern disc brakes in preference to traditional drum brakes as they offer a number of performance and maintenance benefits.

The JOST Blue pads have often proven performance benefits against other disc brake products also on the market. In fact, when tested against ISO 26865 standards for assessing brake materials in a diverse range of conditions, the JOST Blue pads significantly outperformed all other test pieces.

In development JOST tested the new pads to all relevant ISO and ECE R90 standards, including laboratory tests and long-term road tests, fitted to vehicles that were used all over Europe, from the winter snow and ice of the north to the searing heat of the Mediterranean region.

Source: JOST UK

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