SpaceKap Transferable Service Vehicle Solutions are Perfect for the Telecom Industry

Over the last 40 years, a growing number of businesses have been switching to SpaceKap units as service vehicles, due to their low cost, exceptional functionality and unique interior design. These fiberglass units are used by IT specialists, telecom technicians, fiber optic splicing teams and many more, because they can facilitate the integration of specialized equipment onboard.

The SpaceKap concept is not just another truck cap, it is the best alternative to a service van with a fully transferable workshop. The units are long-lasting and universally transferable to fit all pickup truck makes and models (6 1/2 and 8-foot beds). The solid construction of the units will outlast any pickup truck lifetimes by 15 to 20 years and enable owners to transfer to another truck in about 90 minutes – even with to 900 kg of equipment inside!

When compared to a service van, the SpaceKap concept offers a quick return on investment due to its shelving system – that is transferred to each new truck, helping owners save thousands of dollars in upfitting expenses for future vehicles. The resale value of a used pickup truck is also much higher than that of a service van. On a 10-year period, using a SpaceKap could generate thousands of dollars versus using a traditional service van.

Efficiency and safe storage
By adding the units onto the back of any pickup truck, you create an agile service vehicle that can be driven anywhere. Coupled with the right vehicle, a technician will be able to go off-road and access rugged areas using the 4x4 capabilities of a pickup. The shell and interior shelving are shock-resistant, water and dust-proof, as well as corrosion-free. With customizable interior packages that include a wide range of accessories (aluminum shelves, ladder racks, compartments, sliding trays, DEL lighting, winch, etc.) all models can meet the organizational requirements of any service team.

Aside from increasing efficiency, the SpaceKap units can also reduce the risk of back injuries, theft and equipment deterioration, by keeping all tools and gear safely stowed inside. With a streamlined body, 40/60 back doors and side access, all models are easy to use. By installing an optional single or dual slide system, you will simply reach for equipment and parts.

Spacekap is focused on delivering high quality, versatile and sustainable products to meet the secure transportation needs of modern service teams. Since the launch of the brand in 1992, more than 200,000 SpaceKap units have been sold across North America. SpaceKap is the largest manufacturer of commercial fiberglass pickup truck covers in Canada.

Source: SpaceKap

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