407 ETR Paving the Way with High Contrast Pavement Markings

As Autonomous Vehicles begin hitting the road, the push for innovation will continue to ensure new technologies are implemented safely and effectively. 407 ETR, in partnership with 3M Canada, has started this process by testing the use of 3M’s pavement marking tapes optimized for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on 2.5 km of lanes on Highway 407 ETR. This initiative is part of the 407 ETR Living Labs program of innovation, promoting safety and next generation transportation.

The previous generation of lane markings are on the road eastbound from Highway 427 with some being traditional white and the rest being contrast tape markings. The retro-reflective high contrast tape markings are being tested eastbound, east of the Humber River to Weston Road in lane 2 both sides (second lane from left) – half of the distance has the first generation 18 cm-wide contrast tape and the remainder has the next generation 25 cm-wide contrast tape, the first such installation in Canada. Both are wet reflective contrast tape, the 25 cm having been designed specifically to work better with ADAS and autonomous vehicles. The lane markings performed well during the winter and during the rainy spring period experienced this year.

Lane markings have traditionally helped delineate the lane to help drivers stay in their lane. The new lane marking technology being put onto the road by 407 ETR will now help ensure both humans and machines can make the most of the fast, safe and reliable ride 407 ETR offers all drivers.

The installation, by Total Traffic Services Inc., was done literally overnight and had the highway ready for the morning commute.

Source: 407 ETR Concession Company Limited

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