New Paver Roller from Weber MT

Product development at Weber MT always focuses on the needs of the customers. That is why the product spectrum also includes highly specialized products. The company has now added an additional, smaller machine for convenient installation of large paving slabs: the VPR 450 paver roller.

In recent years there has been a growing trend toward enhancing modern sidewalks, public areas and squares with large-sized paving slabs. While such paving slabs are modern and attractive, installing them generally involves physically demanding work. A common method is to use a rubber mallet to tap the slabs into the bedding. The widespread use of protective rubber mats, which are mounted under conventional vibrating plates, is of limited usefulness for this purpose. The risk of these delicate slabs slipping out of position, cracking or receiving broken corners and edges is too high.

To enable gentle, professional and efficient installation of the concrete paving slabs, Weber MT developed the VPR 700 paver roller 2 years ago. Since this innovation has achieved a successful market position, an additional, smaller model has been added – the VPR 450. The new model was developed in response to requests from hardscapers, landscapers and machine rental companies for a machine that weighs less. The paver roller VPR 450 weighs 108 kg and delivers a centrifugal force of 8 kN, with a working width of 42 cm. The new paver roller is ideal for installing paving slabs with a width of 30 cm (for example 30 x 30, 30 x 40 or 30 x 60).

It also allows the paver roller to press delicate concrete slabs with a relatively low thickness gently into their bedding. The machine is just as effective when it comes to vibrating the joint seal into the joints. Operating the paver rollers with peak efficiency even in cramped spaces is no problem thanks to the folding guide bar. What is more, the operator can set the machine to the operating speed he requires.

Source: Weber Maschinentechnik GmbH

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