Toro Launches TDOS-1 With SmartTouch® for DD2024 Directional Drill

Available as an option on the DD2024 directional drill, TDOS-1 with SmartTouch® streamlines pipe handling by allowing the operator to use the cam rocker switch to advance through the pipe handling process. Each push of the switch corresponds to a sequence of pipe handling functions. This makes the pipe handling process easy to learn, improving the operating experience for new operators.

Combined with mode selection (drill out or pull back), the SmartTouch feature also performs some pipe handling functions in tandem to help reduce overall cycle times for enhanced productivity.

Source: The Toro Company

ICUEE - Check out what's new at this year's Demo Expo!

Get Ready for ICUEE 2017 –The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, also known as The Demo Expo, is the premier event for utility professionals and construction contractors to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovations, and trends affecting their industry.

October 3 - 5, 2017
Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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