Marmon-Herrington® Launches Variable Power Divider (VPD)

Marmon-Herrington announces the release of a new variable power divider (VPD) that eliminates the need for an auxiliary diesel engine in applications where a second power source has traditionally been required.

By dividing the truck’s diesel engine into propulsion power and auxiliary power, the Marmon-Herrington VPD reduces operating costs, maintenance, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for fleet managers while providing meaningful driver-friendly benefits to equipment operators. The technology is produced in Louisville, Kentucky at Marmon-Herrington’s Magisterial Drive location and is part of the Marmon-Herrington HydroMech® family of products for class 6 through 8 trucks.

“A hydrostatic variator is fundamental to this patented technology,” says Nathan Webster, Marmon-Herrington Engineering manager. “Because the VPD allows the engine and auxiliary device to run independently of each other, customers benefit immensely from the elimination of the second engine. The VPD is capable of running the auxiliary device up to and above full engine RPM while also allowing the driver to vary the vehicle speed as normal. This saves time, money, and complexity.”

“The HydroMechVPD is specifically designed as a single-engine solution to save fleets money and simplify operation,” says Rick Blair, president of Marmon-Herrington OEM Division. “We expect customers to see additional benefits through reduced weight and improved packaging. The entire HydroMech brand is built around technology that delivers the quality and reliability Marmon-Herrington is known for, while creating exceptional end-user value,” Mr. Blair concluded.
Marmon-Herrington is currently focusing on key opportunities within aircraft rescue & firefighting (ARFF), street sweeping, agriculture, defense, and other markets that can benefit from this innovative technology.

Source: Marmon-Herrington

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