Turret Reel Trailer Custom-Made for a Municipal Power Entity

Felling recently completed a custom Turret Reel trailer for a Municipal Power entity in California. The FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer is a valuable tool for any fleet: Municipalities, Electric Utilities, Communications, Oil & Gas, etc.

Felling Trailers offers many utility and telecom trailer solutions, including utility cable reels. With its 360° rotating turret assembly, there is virtually no right-of-way or easement that will prohibit the operation. No need to be blocking the road, pulling off into the ditch, weeds or having to jack knife the trailer to get it into the proper orientation for your operations. Simply pull to the side, disengage the lever actuated locking pin and effortlessly rotate the reel to the direction needed. The turret can lock into any position in 15° increments.

This particular Turret Reel Trailer is equipped with a 16” Bronze Tensioning Brake, Hydraulic Take-Up/Payout Assembly and an Hydraulic Power Pack.

Source: Felling Trailers, Inc.



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