The Cool Revolution in Tool Maintenance

RUD’s Tool Mover takes the strain out of tasks such as unmounting heavy tools from injection moulding machines or dismantling machine parts weighing several tonnes that previously needed a crane and at least 2 operators. This latest generation of the innovative Tool Mover provides users with a much larger working surface at the lowest possible working height. This offers major benefits for operators, workshop managers, workplace safety inspectors and financial controllers – with Tool Mover, handling tools has never been so safe, efficient and effective in terms of costs or processing.

RUD’s Tool Mover can be supplied in configurations that suit your exact requirements. It has been designed for use in the tool and mould-making industries, with injection moulding and pressing tools, and with pressing, bending and forming technologies. It is also ideally suited for applications in the automotive, electronics and packaging industries.

“If you’re looking for a win-win situation for everyone involved in maintenance, you can’t do better than Tool Mover. Accountants are pleased that the machine pays for itself in less than a year. Workshop managers benefit from much shorter maintenance processes and service teams can work more efficiently without risk of injury, thanks to the machine’s ergonomic design,” explained Anne Kühling, product manager in the Conveyor & Drive division at RUD Ketten Rieger & GmbH und Co. KG.

When designing the latest generation of the Tool Mover system, RUD’s engineers reduced the height of the working surface on the smallest model to 595 mm.

“Enabling users to work as ergonomically as possible was really important to us. This lower working height means that opened tools can be maintained directly on the working table. Operators can work more comfortably in a natural posture, and there are fewer setup costs,” said Klaus Pfaffeneder, head of design at RUD Ketten (Conveyor & Drive division).

The Tool Mover has revolutionized maintenance procedures, enabling operators to work in full compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

RUD’s Tool Mover is designed to axially rotate tools and machine components weighing up to 64 t. It rotates and turns over even the heaviest loads, reliably and safely. The machine turns over loads smoothly in their center of gravity. The Tool Mover’s work table has a frequency-regulated drive to ensure it stops and starts smoothly, without juddering. RUD’s Tool Mover is also fitted with a high-end drive system from the TECDOS range. The Omega Drive at the core of the system ensures perfect rotation during turn-over.

The Tool Mover can turn over objects at least twice as quickly as a crane, in less than a minute. Plugs or cooling hoses that usually have to be dismounted for safety reasons during component maintenance using a crane can simply stay in place when the Tool Mover is used to turn over the components.

In some cases, you might even save a great deal of money by installing a Tool Mover in your workshop instead of investing in an expensive crane system. The Tool Mover can be moved easily with a fork lift truck or pallet truck, etc., and installed exactly where it is needed.

The Tool Mover also protects existing infrastructure such as the production hall floor, because tools and machine components no longer have to be dragged over to maintenance points.

RUD manufactures the Tool Mover at its headquarters in Aalen, Germany. Available in 6 standard sizes, the Tool Mover is ideal for a wide range of tool sizes. The smallest version, with a table area of 800 x 1300 mm (L x W) can handle up to 10 t. In contrast, the largest standard version can rotate tools and machine components weighing up to 64 t safely and smoothly on its 3500 x 2500 mm table area (L x W).

Source: RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG

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