New Line of Concrete Mixers Now Available on the Canadian Market

The M3 Mixing Bucket side unloading unit, from M3 Metalmeccanicamoderna s.r.l., represents the natural progression of the traditional mixing buckets in central discharge with respect to on-site safety protection. Particular attention has been paid to the design of the mixing bucket that definitely makes it a completely different product from all competitors in the industry.

The double mixing shaft, with wear parts bolted for an easier maintenance, allows to obtain an unmatched quality of concrete, quickly, and without having to do need to reverse the direction of mixing to avoid the accumulation of material on the sides.

The new double sealing system and the new coupling system and 3-ring transmission, together, make it possible to mix any kind of product in a short time also on site.

Heavy-duty hydraulic motors, now integrated into the upper tube and protected, always allow you to work in any condition providing unmatched torque against the direct transmission.

From Class 3 hooks, bolted-on to make the same mixing bucket also applicable to different machines, we are always attentive to the needs of operators.

For the proper percentage of material used in concrete production, M3 Metalmeccanicamoderna s.r.l. has developed a weighing system with dedicated software that allows, once loaded with inert material, to dose the correct amount of water and cement in order to obtain the required concrete mix.

Source: Eastern Farm Machinery Ltd.

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