AC•Tech Debuts Epoxy Primer Cartridges
for Moisture Mitigation Projects
at World of Concrete

“Making our Moisture Mitigation epoxies available in easy to use cartridges that can be used with either a manual or electric caulk gun is a Quality Assurance tool that makes the flooring mechanic’s job easier”, said Mac Krauss, vice president Technical Services and leader of the firm’s Substrate Sleuths team. “It eliminates the need to “short-mix” a larger bucket of material. It’s a real cost and time saver.”

The company revealed that the idea came from their national network of flooring applicators who are sticklers for quality control on the jobsite. “They told us of all the times they needed just a little material to overfill a hairline crack, touch-up a corner that was missed, or re-coat high areas during the final project walk-through,” says Mr. Krauss. “Who wants to open a can when just a squirt will do?”

AC•Tech’s Go-Early Technology was the Winner of the 2015 MIP Expert’s Choice Award at World of Concrete. The company is a leader in providing advanced, performance-based solutions to complex concrete coating issues and offers specialized products for curing, moisture mitigation & vapor reduction, alkalinity control, and concrete slab remediation from oil and food contamination.

The advanced systems of AC•Tech have been specifically engineered to comply with LEED Building Standards and all California indoor air quality standards.

Source: AC•Tech

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